Tips for Selecting the Ideal Fireplace:

Decide on the fireplace’s main purpose: heat efficiency, aesthetics, or a combination of both.

Avoid choosing a fireplace with the intention of heating more than one room. This will result in an overheated main room, forcing you to keep the gas fireplace off much of the time.

If you are looking for heat efficiency, consider a thermostatically-controlled self-modulated fireplace. This way, the fireplace will automatically turn up and down while regulating the room to the temperature you desire.

Review the trim options with the sales person to determine which trim will suit your decor. There are often more options available that are not seen in the showroom.

View the fireplace while the flames are turned off. It’s important that you are sure you like how the unit looks when it’s not fired up.

Determine how you want to operate your gas fireplace. Options include wall switches, remote controls, thermostats and manual operation.

If a gas fireplace is not an option, consider an electric fireplace. They are available in a variety of sizes, styles and trim options. They require no venting, so you can install them anywhere in the home.

Find a fireplace retailer who will also arrange installation. How the fireplace is installed can impact its overall efficiency operation and durability.

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